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Beehive homes 1


NHS members hold the cards they made for the residents at Beehive Homes.  All residents received a card and a candy cane.  Staff members were also given chocolate treats, via their Christmas stockings.


Senior NHS member Madison Hansen (above, front row, third from left) designed an initiative to provide companionship to our elderly community members.  She reached out to various retirement homes and elder care facilities, and made connections with Beehive Homes, located within walking distance of campus.  In the month of December, students made two visits to Beehive Homes.  The first visit had students participating in some fun activities, like creating snowmen out of popsicle sticks, making a melting snowman decoration, playing a game of scrabble (the resident won by a landslide!), and visiting with the residents.  By the time students made their second visit, they were visibly more comfortable with the facility and offered to help in a variety of ways, including a Christmas scavenger hunt, giving manicures, dusting the name it!:

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