Dear MCHS Student and Family,                                                                                                                                      (Updated March 18, 2021)


For those who have elected to return to campus from April 5 to May 14, the safety of all students and staff will remain our top priority.  To accomplish this, everyone is required to adhere to the necessary safety and sanitation protocols.  Proper face masks must be worn and hand sanitizing stations are located in the entry to each classroom, to be used upon entering and exiting each room or building.


Access to various parts of the campus will be limited, as much of UNM remains locked down.  While in the classrooms and buildings, seating will be spaced to maximize separation and safety, and students and staff will be prohibited from gathering in any of the common areas. 


Because much of the campus remains locked, it will be necessary to arrive to all of your classes at their specifically appointed times.  For example, if you are attending a class that meets in Gurley Hall, your teacher may need to meet you at the front door to let you in.  Upon arriving at the specifically appointed time, please remain masked and keep six feet of separation between yourself and others while waiting to enter the building. 


Because students and staff are prohibited from gathering in campus common areas, returning students will be permitted to use the MCHS classrooms to work independently on assignments during their scheduled breaks.  Classrooms will be available for supervised study during times when instruction is not taking place, and all safety protocols, including appropriate spacing, must be followed.


For students participating in the lunch program, meals will be provided on a grab-and-go basis at the MCHS Office from 12:00 to 2:30, Monday through Thursday.  Meals can be eaten outdoors or in designated classroom spaces.  Appropriately spaced seating will be required during each lunch break.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hunter or Mr. Cunanan.

Watch this video for the basic protocols to follow as students report back to the school campus.

"MCHS has allowed our son to thrive!  The small and caring environment has been a perfect fit for him, coming in as a homeschooler.  He has been supported in the areas where he needed it, and allowed to fly in areas where he was ready, all while learning to navigate college.  I can’t say enough good about the ways that the teachers have appreciated his many facets and helped him on the road towards maturity and self-sufficiency.   We look forward to our daughter starting next year!" 

                                                                            ~ Norton Family