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MCHS recognizes TYANNA KHOURY as January's Rotary Club Senior of the Month. Later this spring, Tyanna will compete for the MCHS Senior of the Year, in which the school's overall winner will go up against other area schools' seniors.  

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Senator Pinto with Principal Gonzales, where MCHS received recognition as a Spotlight School at the State Legislature.

Congratulations to Tyanna and MCHS!

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"MCHS has allowed our son to thrive!  The small and caring environment has been a perfect fit for him, coming in as a homeschooler.  He has been supported in the areas where he needed it and allowed to fly in areas where he was ready, all while learning to navigate college.  I can’t say enough good about the ways that the teachers have appreciated his many facets and helped him on the road towards maturity and self-sufficiency.   We look forward to our daughter starting next year!" 
                                                                                                                     ~ Norton Family

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